sacramental Preparation
Mrs. Elizabeth Davis is our Director of Religious Education (DRE).  She is responsible for Sacramental preparation for Baptism, First Penance, First Holy Communion and Confirmation, as well as the continuing faith education of all students in grades Pre K - 12. for information  please call her at 781-871-1244 or email the Office of Religious Education at

Adults wishing to receive first communion should refer to the RCIA program. See an RCIA link to your left.


breads and wine offering
The Altar Breads and Wine for the week can be offered with your donation of $50.00. When the Altar Breads and Wine are memorialized, the weekly bulletin will read:
"The Altar Breads and Wine which will become the Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ at the Masses celebrated during the week will be offered in memory [or celebration - for a birthday, anniversary, wedding, get well, etc.] of:____________ and lovingly donated by:_____________."
Please call the rectory (781) 878-0160 for more information or to reserve a week for your loved one or special occasion.

Recently Father Jim O’Driscoll loaned me Teresa of Avila, An Extraordinary Life, by Shirley du Boulay, BlueBridge, 2004. I highly recommend it as a terrific read and spiritually informative. Here is some of Teresa’s wisdom on Jesus’ Real Presence.

Teresa speaks of herself in the third person: “The Lord had given this person such a lively faith that, when she heard people say they wished they had lived when Christ walked on this earth, she would smile to herself, for she knew that we have Him as truly with us in the Most Holy Sacrament as people had Him then, and wonder what more they could possibly want.” (125).

I encourage everyone to take time, frequently, to visit Our Lord enthroned in the Tabernacle of our Parish Church. He Himself asks if we would watch with Him: Matthew 26:40. We have Him truly with us! What more could we possibly want? JFH posted 082210



See also RCIA    Reconciliation



Gradually and gently and consistently we need to emphasize that receiving Communion has requirements. The most important is true faith. Christ is really present. Next is a soul free of sin. The Church teaches, in fact all Christians teach, even those who do not accept the doctrine of Real Presence, that receiving Eucharist in a state of serious sin is a sacrilege.

That is, specifically, for Catholics, one must confess and be absolved from mortal sin in order to receive Christ appropriately.

Thus, in the context of the above piece on Catechumenate, Catholics returning to the Church should be helped to see that one does not simply present one’s self for Communion. Repentance, absolution and penance are needed. In short, confession for mortal sin precedes Communion. Now, this priest wants to tell everybody that every priest understands the need for kindness, mercy, anonymity, and a helpful welcome for everyone coming to the Sacrament of Penance since the priest too is a sinner and must avail himself of priestly kindness and respect when he goes to confession. More important than all this advice, please remember that the priest is only an instrument of Christ. To see how Christ has arranged this please see John 20: 16-20. And as regards the necessity of a pure conscience before going to Communion see I Corinthians 11: 27-32.  Posted 082811