Dear Friends, peace in Our Jesus!
Let me say at the outset some will dislike the directness of this letter. If I offend, please forgive. Trust that I offer my words in love.

Over the years I have learned that giving our community regular, clear updates about our Offertory and our Grand Annual Collection seems to encourage its success. More importantly, each year the gracious people of Holy Family Parish respond generously!

Think: 800 households receive Offertory envelopes. If each were to give only $2 more a week, ($80,000 more a year) we’d be fine. Indeed if the increase were only $1 more and everyone gave, we’d be ok. And, figuring as we must, that many, for many reasons are unable to increase at all, still if those who only come irregularly increased their attendance and their giving, stability would be much nearer. The issue, way beyond the question of money, is the practice of the Faith; make no doubt about that!

You know we have some savings. But savings is not the answer.  Moreover, the Archdiocese wisely insists on a balanced budget. Therefore, increasing our Offertory is the solution we must achieve.

Let me tell you a true story. After several years, using various methods, a parish in the Archdiocese or really a remnant of that parish, met to face closing: they lacked enough people and thus enough income to stay open. At their last meeting an angry man berated the pastor declaring the closing of the parish was an outrage.

The pastor calmed him down and asked if in fact he was a parishioner and was told that he was, indeed had been for decades. To the question as to whether he attended Mass he admitted that, no, he hadn’t for years, the pastor firmly responded, “Sir, I have been waiting to meet you. I have something serious to say to you. You are the one who closed Saint So & So’s parish.” The point?  Holy Family, God willing, will survive and continue to flourish if we support it. It is that simple.

Catholics, we need to WAKE UP! We must HONOR God! We must WORSHIP His Christ! We must RESCUE His Church! God will surely reward and bless our loyalty. Let us be that Church that Jesus wants us to be. For He says to us, “You are the light of the world… Just so; your light must shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your heavenly Father.” (Matthew 5: 14&16).

Please consider what I am saying. Continue your fidelity and generosity of the past into the future to the greater Glory of God. May He bless us.

In Jesus’ Name, Fr. Jim Hickey




Recently I received a pleasant surprise. Not one but two deceased parishioners remembered the Parish in their wills. One has already come through. It is not enormous, but it is such a hopeful sign in the face of our responsibilities with repairing the fabric of our buildings. The second will not be made public for a year. I knew both of these parishioners fairly well. They appreciated and loved their Parish. They accepted the responsibility to aid the mission of the Church even after they had gone to meet Our Lord Jesus. Not a bad preparation for that encounter.

Another surprise also came recently. Another elderly parishioner aware of the repairs we shall be making decided not to wait until after her death to make a gift to the Parish. She has informed me that we shall be receiving a gift in the near future. It’s encouraging and thought provoking and I am grateful.


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