Boys and girls ages 9 and up are encouraged to volunteer. Periodic training sessions are announced in the bulletin.


This ministry of purchasing and preparing breakfast and enjoying it with residents of halfway houses on Saturday mornings continues to grow as the volunteers themselves are fed, not only with bacon and eggs (or whatever) but also spiritually.  The interaction stretches us as we listen to stories or share the fruits of our culinary labor with the men and women.  We are all the same “under the skin” but we also recognize that many people do not share the same backgrounds, benefits, faith, support, etc. that has been ours.  Six groups of volunteers help out at one of four houses on a monthly basis; planning the meals, shopping, preparing, serving, and cleaning up.  Everyone is usually back home by noon, with the rest of the day before them. A few new volunteers have offered their services so we will begin an additional group soon.  If there are a couple more of you who are interested in this ministry, there may be a place for you.  Give the rectory a call! (781-878-0160) Thanks!  You’ll love it!   Teresa Doyle Smith


We publish a weekly bulletin and post it online.  See the bulletin for all our latest news!


Trained volunteer facilitators lead the Virtus Program, "Protecting God's Children." 

Contact Teresa Doyle Smith.


The beginning of the school year is a time full of anticipation and excitement. It is a time brimming with possibilities. We need to ask ourselves what we can do to assist our young people in developing their spiritual ABC's. There is a constant need for catechists. Please consider your call to serve God and your Church Family in the ministry of catechesis. Contact Elizabeth Davis, Director of Religious Education, at 781-871-1244.


Trained adults lead the children's liturgy at 10:00 a.m. Family Mass.  


A retreat movement for and by lay people. Monthly Ultreya Mass.


Provides advice and assistance to the pastor in matters pertaining to parish financial operations.



If you are 16 years of age or over, a practicing Catholic in full communion with the Church, please prayerfully consider this ministry. The term is 3 years and you will be asked to serve twice a month. Training sessions are held for new liturgical ministers. Contact Teresa Doyle Smith for further information at 781-878-0160.


When a family member or loved one is unable to attend Mass on a temporary or ongoing basis, Eucharist Ministers bring Communion to them at home.  For information contact Teresa Doyle smith at 781-878-0160.


We are rightly proud of our music ministry here at Holy Family Parish. Led by our Music Director Mr. Bob Kirby, the music for our liturgies is phenomenal.

10:00 a.m. CHOIR

Holy Family Choir consists of enthusiastic faithful adults, serving the 10 a.m. Mass on Sundays, special feasts and events.  Our repertoire consists of both traditional and contemporary selections, with a variety of instrumental accompaniment.  Once or twice a month we incorporate hymns with the pipe organ, and also host monthly guests from the children's choir.  New members are welcome at any time, simply approach Bob Kirby, Director, after any Mass and arrange to check out a Thursday evening rehearsal and complete the requisite paperwork.  Inquiries can also be made by email at [email protected]


The Children's Choir meets for practice on Thursdays at 3:30-4:15 p.m.  We help musical worship on  the first  Sunday of each month at the 10 a.m. Mass and on special feasts.  The Holy Family Children's Choir is open to all children 2nd grade and up.  See Bob Kirby after Mass to inquire or email him at [email protected]


Holy Family’s Outreach Ministry serves Rockland’s healthcare facilities:  Coyne Healthcare Center, South Shore Rehab, Tiffany Rest Home as well as our homebound parishioners. This is a beautiful grace-filled ministry which requires the help of numerous Eucharistic Ministers to visit and distribute communion to our brothers and sisters in Christ. Every week the rectory receives calls from parishioners asking for the Eucharist to be brought to them.

This ministry takes about an hour a week. If you are now or have been in the past a Eucharistic Minister please prayerfully consider this opportunity to serve our community. Training will be provided. Please call Teresa Doyle Smith at the rectory, 781-878-0160, if you are interested. Thank you.


Parishioners elected from the lay community to serve as an advisory "think tank" for the pastor. Three year term. To inform and educate and assist as needed.


Grades 1 - 10. Preparation for First Holy Communion, First Confession and Confirmation. Classes are taught by trained volunteers. Meets Monday and Tuesday at Holy Family School. Contact  Elizabeth Davis at the Office of  Religious Education  at 781-871-1244.


For the past 86 years, our SVDP society has been committed to providing emergency assistance and services to the needy with our community. The society is comprised of 18 dedicated individuals who are called upon to serve an average of 25 individuals or families each week.

During these past several years of economic uncertainty, the need for help has never been greater. The requests for assistance has risen each year.  What doesn't get reported in the national unemployment figures, are the vast number of individuals that encounter expiring benefits prior to finding gainful employment. These individuals and families still require food and shelter, and often times have nowhere else to turn.

Historically, 100% of all monies collected have gone directly to those in need of assistance within this community. We are eternally grateful for your past support and pray that you find in your hearts to help us continue these charitable works in Jesus' name.

Saint Vincent de Paul Society provides emergency assistance and services to the needy of our community, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. Please remember them this summer.

The SVDP society is made up of volunteers from our parish. With the support of parish donations, the SVDPS helps the poor by assisting those who cannot pay their rent, mortgage, utility bills, or buy their medicine. We also keep a pantry to assist those who have little or nothing to eat.

Individuals seeking assistance could be your neighbors, fellow parishioners, homeless, parents, single, married, young, old, employed or unemployed and every effort is made to provide some assistance to those who ask. Often the assistance provided is just enough to help them get through another day.



Ongoing communication and support for our Sister Parish, Immaculada Concepcion, Olancho, Honduras. Annual Mission Trips are an option. 
Contact the rectory at 781-878-0160 for information.


Wednesday 7- 8:30 p.m. Msgr. O'Neill Hall

With the exception of the rectory, all Holy Family facilities are handicap accessible.