Sister Parish


Fr. Dick Donahue sends his sincere gratitude to all at Holy Family who support our BECASBringing Education, Christianity and Scholarship. Contributions aid education of the students with special needs who attend Nazareth School.  He is grateful for our continued interest and financial support and asks that we keep all their programs, volunteers, and people in our prayers.

Father Donahue has a blog, and it highlights his ministry in Juticalpa, Olancho. Well worth checking out. You may view it at:  He writes every two weeks

Since 1996 as a parish community and headed by Sr. Anne Conway, CSJ, we have tried to make a difference in the lives of people whose situations have demonstrated a need for help. We have sent financial donations collected annually following Fr. Donahue’s visit, school supplies, eyeglasses, medical supplies and books. We have paid for the education of over 150 students through our Annual December/January BECAS scholarship drive, allowing them to continue their education beyond the legal sixth-grade limit. All of this is accomplished through the good will and generosity of all of you!

We decided to encourage a Mission Team to visit our sister-parish of Inmaculado Concepion to meet the folks there, watch Fr. Donahue, “Padre” in action, help out where they could, and return home to share with the rest of us how this relationship is actually working. The first trip was followed by a second and then a third, and so on!   Mission Team members have enthusiastically responded to the people they have met. They have bonded with children and families in many ways; including, painted a school, had their eyes opened to extreme poverty, sponsored a Field Day at Santa Clara, participated in a Solidarity Event for special needs students, visited and been touched by several local families, and witnessed tremendous faith, joy-filled faith, in so many people possessing little of this world’s goods. Over the past years, our many  “missionaries” have returned from a life-changing experience, searching new ways to help from home. They have begun to “adopt” families who lack life’s necessities and send “care packages” to them a few times each year.

Please continue to keep all aspects of this ministry in prayer.